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Jan. 30, 2021

Seeking a Teaching Job? Get a Journal to track your path and keep up with your progress, thoughts, and questions.

Seeking a Teaching Job? Get a Journal to track your path and keep up with your progress, thoughts, and questions.


Seeking a teaching job requires you to think. You need to be purposeful and focused. When I do this type of thinking I have discovered that it is best if I write my ideas down. It is one thing to mean to write it down and then it is another to actually put your thoughts down in writing on a page (whether electronic or paper). I really like using pencils not pens when I write in the journal...guess what?...I can erase. That’s what I am talking about. 


A while back ago as a principal, I had a mentor who introduced me to journals. Ok, let’s get this straight, I am not talking about writing diary entries know...Dear I no. uh, no....but I am talking about a book where you can write your thoughts down. I have discovered that it is best if it is a hardback journal that has either lined or unlined pages. This way I can write and draw. Just in case I came up with a great thought about a chart or diagram or suddenly my mind was working in mind-map mode.


I like to choose different looking journals too so that when I label them with the number of the journal and the inclusive dates that it was used that there is something else that I might remember about the journal, like it has Spider-man on it, or an inspirational saying, or it is R2-D2 or it has Buzz LightYear and Woody on the cover. It helps to remind me which journal I want to revisit. 


Additionally, I carry my journals with me wherever I go so that if I get an idea I can open up the book and start writing. Something else that I do is I have this rule - I am not allowed to rip a piece of paper out of the journal. I have to go somewhere else if I need a scrap of paper. The journal is for my thoughts. I encourage you to get one that you can use like your Grail Diary like  Indiana Jones’ father created and carried inThe Last Crusade. 


So what do you write? Great question… You write your thoughts about what you are doing….like this.

Job Fair Saturday 2/24/21

Talked with Joe Duffie from ABC School. 

Here are some thoughts about what I learned….then write those thoughts down…


How about as you start your research about a school or school system you can write the questions down and your answers or non- answers. It makes perfect sense to write down what suddenly pops in your mind that you want to know.


No matter what, keep the journal close by so that if the moment hits you - there is a place to write your thoughts down...which means that you don't have to count on your memory.

If you prefer electronic journals I get it but I have discovered that I just like using the pencil on paper...something cool about it. The medium makes me want to write...makes me want to make sure that I write. So just saying...don’t fight it...go get a journal or the way, don’t use the journal for your job search for anything else. This is not the place where you also put the notes from some class or your weekend grocery list. You only want information pertaining to your job search in that journal and buy a different one for something else. 

As a don’t have to spend a fortune on journals...I constantly go to estate sales, flea markets, and garage sales on the lookout for journals...I am not going to pay a lot of money...normally people have journals that someone offered them or that they bought meaning to use it but didn’t. I pick awesome hardback journals for $1.00 or so not $10-$20. It’s a treasure hunt. My day is made when-Ta-Da- in the bottom of that box are two journals that are$1.00 a piece...never written in. This one is still shrink wrapped. 


Don’t wait. Go get that journal and start writing down what you are doing on your job search. 


Till next time.