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A Dynamic & Fun Interviewer

Steve brings so much enthusiasm and personality to his interviews--you've got to love him. It's like sitting down with an old friend to share ideas. He asks great questions and gets right to the heart of things. You always leave wanting more. Way to go Steve!

Great show!

Dr. Miletto is a fabulous podcast host providing a great show to his listeners. I was a guest recently and he is warm, inviting and asked thought provoking questions. Not to mention he is a great storyteller.

Thoughtful and Instructive

Dr. Miletto is a thoughtful, curious, and enthusiastic interviewer who brings out the deeper meaning of education. I had the pleasure of sitting for an interview and he was able to truly capture not only why we do what we do, but how to make it practical for educators nationwide. Dr. Miletto’s experience and insights make this a powerful podcast that everyone should follow.


Great show! Don’t miss it!

Steve is great!

This host is such a treat to listen to, he’s empathetic and kind but also knowledgeable. And he picks the perfect experts to bring their topics to life for his audience. Great production!

Very informative Podcast!

As a Life Coach for Teens, I find the guests and content very relevant and insightful. I enjoy the strategies, subject matter and tips his guests bring with them to the discussions. I am the husband of an educator as well, and it is great to have a podcast where educators can share years of experience with listeners. I have picked up some great tips and valuable information from this podcast.

Great resource

Steve delves into a lot of different education topics that are helpful for educators. He has a lot of high quality guests on. Highly recommend this podcast!

Nice guy and Helpful Resource

You can hear the warmth and care in Steve's voice. He is an incredibly nice guy, with a huge heart to help educators. The podcast has lots of really helpful ideas and resources for new teacher and veterans alike. I can't recommend this podcast enough. Neil Hess